When the idea of The Privacy Shop began it was all going to be very simple and easy to do. In some ways it was but in others it has been slow to develop. An example of this is trying to create a shop that respects privacy. Sounds simple but as it went on I found;

  • No ads could be used from outside agencies as they are tracking you.
  • No payment providers could be used as they are tracking you.
  • WordPress and WordPress themes leak (gravitars, emoji prefetch, Google fonts, jscript, etc….).
  • No embedded videos can be used without self hosting.
  • And so on…..

Everything is set up to track the users by default or at least to leak information like a sieve. Very annoying but here we are at stage one of the shop. Next is the tidy up, catching bugs, adding more products and affiliated links to some of the better software and services on the Internet. In the not to distant future we should all have a place where when some says,”What do I use to keep myself safe on the Internet?” they can either be pointed here, sent an email with chosen software or told to go the the shop and get the “Windows privacy bundle”.