Privacy Policy

Your personal data may be collected when you browse or interact with our website. Such data may include:

    • your name,
    • e-mail address,
    • cookies,
    • technical information (such as, IP address, browser type, and other connection data held in our logs), and
    • any other information relating to you that you may provide to us.

Whether we receive your personal data directly from you or a third-party source, we will only use it to facilitate The Privacy Shop services. Certain service providers that we use to operate our website may also gain access to your personal data.

Providing your personal data is optional. If you choose not to enter true information, we may be unable to provide some services, such as sending emails.

We will delete your personal data when it is no longer reasonably required. You may request a copy of your personal data and we will correct any errors identified by you. You may also restrict our processing of your personal data. All such requests, or any questions or comments regarding this policy or our handling of your personal data, should be addressed to our contact page.


Expansion of the privacy policy

Your name

On some forms, such as on the Contact Us or Review pages, you may be asked to give your name. There is no requirement to give your real name.

How to avoid this?
Use a fake name.

E-mail address

The Contact Us and the Checkout pages request your e-mail address. You are under no obligation to provide a valid address. But if you don’t, we will be unable to reply to contact requests or send your software list.

E-mail addresses will be kept on site and deleted once a month, except if we have sent you an email, at which point your address can be seen by our e-mail provider, Mailgun. Mailgun deletes logs after five days, and click and open tracking has been disabled. E-mail addresses can also be seen by any other server between Mailgun and the recipient. So while we will have deleted our copy at the end of the month, there may be a log elsewhere. Mailgun forwards e-mails to us to a Protonmail account where shop correspondence will be deleted once it has been concluded, or is no longer reasonably required.

How to avoid this?
Use a fake email generator.


When you interact with us there are cookies placed on your computer that either enable the interaction, secure the interaction, help secure the site or provide statistics. These cookies can provide a single identifiable “fingerprint” when added to all the other cookies in your browser.

How to avoid this?
Clear your browser cache.

Technical Information

Data is automatically gathered by the VPS server hosting the site to enable the interaction, such as:

  • time of visit,
  • pages visited,
  • bandwidth used
  • country you visited from,
  • IP address,
  • duration of visit,
  • operating system,
  • browser, and
  • page origin of visit.

This data is gathered as part of the normal process of serving the site to you, and may be used to monitor and improve our services. We don’t share it. It is also viewable by our VPS manager Linode as part of hosting the VPS and our server manager Runcloud.

We also use a WordPress plugin called WP Statistics to view information about visits to the site. We anonymize IP addresses in this plugin to protect user privacy.

Logs are deleted monthly.

How to avoid this?
Use a VPN or TOR to visit the shop.

Affiliate links

By clicking on an affiliate link you will be connected to one of our affiliate partners’ servers which will direct you to the supplier. In the process, our affiliates will gather data about your use of the link. We can also see that the link has been clicked and if the product is bought. We receive a small percentage from any sales, which is how we receive income to maintain the website.

Our current affiliate partners are Commission Junction and Avangate.

How to avoid this?
Don’t click the link.

Improving this Privacy Policy

The above Privacy Policy is about as simple as we could make it. We would prefer to have as little information about you as possible. This Privacy Policy will be improved, reviewed and updated periodically and changes made to ensure compliance. Please contact us if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

The above Privacy Policy is about as simple as we could make it. We would prefer to have as little information as possible about our customers but in explanation of why we do and some ways around giving us data here are some tips.

This Privacy Policy will be reviewed and updated periodically and changes made to ensure site compliance.

Last update: 16/05/2018


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